We serve our clients with respect and expect the same level from our clients.

Massage services are intended to create a positive experience to clients who are looking for healing from physical injuries as well as emotional and mental stress. Our therapists will leave immediately if they feel uncomfortable for any inappropriate actions, misconduct  or unethical behavior. The result from the immediate termination of your session incurring the full payment of the scheduled appointment, all such incidents will be reported to the authorities.

 Prepayment is required at the time of reservation.  We accept all Major Credit Cards.  This is not refundable.  You may cancel anytime with no refund and no need to pay additional more.  When cancellations occur, our therapists need to receive compensation for time they have set aside as they lose income.

When Our Therapist arrives, they will introduce themselves and quickly show their California State License Card to you.   

Outcall Massage