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By fill this electronic form below, I agree to the Policies, Waiver and Release,  client agreement.

I agree that I am of legal age ( at least 18 years old )
Our policies

Please read before your visit our Thai Massage Studios to make sure you do understand what we Do and what we Do Not do.  All clients will require to sign this Policies.  Thank you for your cooperation.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  Massage Therapists reserve the right to refuse giving a massage, each massage therapist is independent and has their own service satisfaction policy.  Thai Massage Studios do not evaluate the quality of their services.  


All our massage therapists are independent or self-employed who set their own rates, process “their own payments”, and be “paid directly by clients.”  Thai Massage Studios may accept clients payment on behalf of massage therapists if massage therapists still take care another clients.  All massage therapists can set their own hours of work and have sole discretion to decide the number of clients and which clients for whom they will provide services.  The price listed on our website is the suggestion for massage therapists to charge their service, massage therapists will decide which price suits each clients.


Thai Massage Studios will not be liable for any body (or property) injury or loss occasioned by the negligent or intentional conduct or practices or illegal or otherwise (including criminal conduct) and each massage therapist is responsible for their own licensing, certifications and insurances, for whichever areas their provides these services, as required by law.  Security Notice : Security cameras and audio recording in use at our business but we do not use inside the massage room during massage session.  Please do not audio or video recording without our permission.


Our massage therapists use Natural Oil, This is also depend on massage therapists, some therapist might use coconut oil, some might use olive oil, avocado oil etc. we also offer USDA ORGANIC CBD Oil Full Spectrum.


No Sense or Smell , No essential Oil burn at our Thai Massage Studios.  Please Do Not bring your own oil that can create any smell to our location.

Fees paid for our services are Non-Refundable.

Prepayment is required before massage therapists provide their service, all fee paid for our services are non-refundable, No chargeback, No disputes a transaction. A credit card authorization for a one-time payment will use for all credit card transactions. Appointments before 10.00 am or after 08.00 pm may require prepayment at the time of booking by Zelle or invoice directly to your phone or use E-Gift Card.  You may use e-gift card for reservation. Once we process e-gift card for book appointment, your e-gift card, your Zelle deposit, your credit card transaction or your invoice is ENTIRELY NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the cancellation reason. 

Gratuity or Tip

Gratuity or Tipping always appreciated , as a form of Thank you for exceptional service. 100% of your tip goes directly to massage therapists.  At your discretion, you may leave additional gratuity for your therapist.  Most massage therapist is expected to get a 20% or higher for their hard work and experience.  

Please Do Not give a tip or discuss or negotiate anything during massage session.  Massage therapist are not allow to accept any form of payment inside the massage room. 

Fully cloths on ? or Fully nude under the drape ?

For anyone who has never had a massage before, there may be some questions you may have.  One of those could be that you don’t know what you should wear during the session.  


Fully cloths on ? or Fully nude under the drape ? or keep underwear on ?  It is a good  question because not all massages are the same, it all depends on what massage techniques that will be using on you, example Original Traditional Thai Massage  for Royal Thai Style which is 100% fully cloth on since original it was created  to provide for Royal Family in Thailand.

Either way, underwear or not, private areas are never exposed.  You should undress to your comfort level.  Massage therapists will work around the clothes left on as best they can, also experienced massage therapist can give you an effective massage while you are fully cloth on.

By law in the USA  requires that the massage therapist drapes you at all the times during entire session and only uncovers the area of your body being worked on at a time. 

First, massage therapist will give you instructions of how to lay on the table or mattress to start.


Second,  you remove your clothes and get underneath a sheet, towel  or  blanket  while massage therapist is out of the room.  They knock before reentering the room.

Please, Do Not start undressing before massage therapist leaves the room, and always get under the sheet before massage therapist comes back in.

Massage therapists have seen bodies in every imaginable shape and size, from young to old, and there not there trying to judge your body.  They’re professionals who have found massage to be a wonderful give to all human, regardless of age and weight.
  Our goal is to service every member of your family with any age.  Safety is our priority, our female manager may randomly enter during massage sessions to make sure both parties follow the law and regulations to safeguard health and well being.

Third, at the end of the session, massage therapist will let you know the time is up and will leave the room so that you can get dress.


Last, We serve our clients with respect and expect the same level from our clients.


Massage service are intended to create a positive experience to clients who are looking for healing from physical injuries as well as emotional and mental stress.  Our massage therapists will leave immediately if they feel uncomfortable for any inappropriate actions, misconduct or unethical behavior.  The result from the immediate termination of your session incurring the full payment of the scheduled appointment, all such incidents will be reported to the authorities.

Deep Tissue, Too much or Not enough?

Some people want the massage as deep as possible but one thing we all  might  forget about is that everybody has different level of pain.   The depth of a stroke may not be deep enough for one person and may cause pain for another.  Your exceptional experience is our main concern but not every client clicks with every massage therapist.  Every massage therapist has their own style, their own technique to massage, the strokes they like to use, and the depth they like to work.   This is service industry and everybody would agree about nobody can guarantee Satisfaction especially involve with human as we mention many times about all massage therapists came from different school and learn from different technique. 

Thai Massage Studios can’t guarantee what level of deep tissue clients expect and what depth of the strokes massage therapists can perform.  Apply pressure in massage is a skill.  Applying correct pressure in massage is an advanced skill.  The key is to find one who can deliver the type of massage you like the best.  When you find one you like,  Hooray ! keep it, don’t loose and stick with them.

Noise from next room, talk?

Yes, you can talk and chit-chat with our massage therapist if you prefer but no phone call please and sorry if you don’t like it. 


Spa Environment is usually a conversation stopper, but not at Thai Massage Studios, The Place for Healing with Happy and Fun.  Remember we already mention it before about Original Traditional Thai Massage is  the type of massage that involves a lot of movement and you need to be active and participate during massage session.  To move you and avoid to not get injury both party, massage therapist and client need to participate  “Talk”  Yes !  

“We are going to lift up your leg”  “ Hold my arm I will pull you up, Be Relax, Don’t pull me back”

“If you can’t handle it, let me know how far your leg can go” Stretching Technique is the key for Thai Massage

Our goal is to create a healing and fun place that make everybody happy.  


We do offer solution for this matter since we do care for your privacy and try our best to customize all our clients' need.  If you would like only you during your visit, you are very welcome to buy 3 hr. and receive massage for 90 minute and give it away those 90 minute back to another massage therapists who can't work during those time for compensation.

Please ask for more information about Get & Give Program

Thai Stretching Massage
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